At first, E. Kenneally didn’t actually know how to paint. 

But when a series of four small works by an aunt, artist Gay Speirbhain, didn’t fit the wall space she had, Kenneally grabbed a canvas and created a fifth painting in a similar style, using a local village market as her subject.


“I was surprised by that first painting,” says Erin, “and kind of on a lark, I thought people in town might buy cards of this first subject - Rosie’s Village Market in Lovell, Maine. I printed a batch and was really surprised when they sold out. 

My career as an artist launched from there. Now, paintbrush in hand, I just try to keep up!” Unabashed whimsy and the celebration of life are the hallmarks  of E. Kenneally’s work. “My parents – Dana and Norm – are both artists who’ve influenced my work in very different ways. However, watching

my aunt break all the rules in wild strokes of color taught me courage. I learned to embrace everything… and to express it all with a bit of propriety.”

E. Kenneally’s work, reminiscent of Grandma Moses and other prominent folk artists, is being embraced and collected widely in the art community.

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